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Virtual Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Counsellor and psychotherapist providing therapy and mental health services in Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Durham Region, and Ontario

Do you feel exhausted from intense emotions and distressing thoughts? Are your current coping methods ineffective, unhealthy, or negatively impacting your relationships with others? You are not alone. While you may feel overwhelmed, lonely, or hopelessness, know that there is support available. Together, we can explore your mental health concerns and develop a treatment plan that works for you.

Serving Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Oshawa, Durham Region, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and Ontario 

Marta Gozdzik (she/her)
RN, Psychotherapist
RP (Qualifying), MA


My practice was created to support people who are struggling with their mental health. I’ve supported many teenage and adult clients with acute and chronic mental health needs in my nursing and psychotherapy practices.

I practice from a trauma-informed approach that emphasizes your safety, choice, collaboration, trust, and empowerment. I use a humanistic and holistic biopsychosocial approach to get to know and understand you to try to explain what may be happening for you and guide interventions to help you work towards your goals.

It’s very important you have a good relationship with your psychotherapist to have the best treatment outcomes. You can book a consultation with me to determine if we will be a good fit to do the work together.

I identify as a Polish, queer, cisgender female. I grew up in Toronto and currently live with my partner, daughter, and dogs in Durham Region.

Marta Gozdzik (she/her), RN, Psychotherapist, RP (Qualifying), MA in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada

What is psychotherapy?

The Psychotherapy Act, 2007 defines psychotherapy as the assessment and treatment of disturbances in client cognitions, emotions, or behaviours through a psychotherapeutic means and a therapeutic relationship. More information about psychotherapy can be found here.

What is Sosna Psychotherapy?

Welcome to Sosna Psychotherapy. My name is Marta Gozdzik and I created Sosna Psychotherapy as my private practice to offer individual virtual counselling and psychotherapy services to Ontario residents 12 years old and up. I work together with clients to help them achieve realistic goals by helping them make positive changes in how they think, feel, behave, and socially function in a nonjudgmental space. Virtual psychotherapy services are provided by myself via telephone and/or video sessions.

What kind of psychotherapy do you provide?

I have experience in the five broad modalities of psychotherapy and provide treatment based on my work with clients in formulating a plan to meet their needs. I provide trauma-informed person centered psychotherapy and utilize solution focused, existential, narrative, emotionally focused, cognitive behavioural, dialectical behavioural, and body-oriented skills and strategies to support client mental health.  

What kind of training and experience do you have?

I received training in nursing and counselling psychology and have worked for over 13 years in the mental health field. I am registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario (09400249) and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (11689). For more information on my training and experience, please go here

What are your hours of operation?

Sundays 12-6pm
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 6-8pm
Fridays 9am-3pm

How can I book an appointment?

Appointments are booked online here. Information about appointments can be found here.

How can I contact you for more information?

I can be reached via telephone (905-767-4666), email ( or website message (here).


15-75 Bayly St W Unit #266

Ajax, ON  L1S 7K7


(905) 767-4666



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